Who was voted off Survivor last night? Recap of dramatic Tribal Council

Survivor castaways react to seeing their loved ones on new episode.
Survivor castaways react to seeing their loved ones on the latest episode. Pic credit: CBS

The person who was voted off Survivor last night may not have been easy to predict.

Early in the episode, it seemed like it was going to be easy to figure out which two cast members were in danger of getting voted off Survivor during Tribal Council. That’s not how it turned out.

Survivor recap: Tribal Council preparations

Only seven people were left as part of the main tribe when the latest episode of the show began. It showed how close that they all had made it to possibly winning that $1 million prize. It also meant that it was time to have their loved ones appear.

Each season on the show, loved ones of the final competitors appear on the show. They are there to provide motivation for the castaways, tug at the heartstrings of the CBS viewers, and to even throw in some strategy within the game.

Competing with their loved ones, it was Ron Clark who ended up winning the challenge with his partner Lloyd. He was allowed to take two other duos with him to celebrate with some nice food.

He picked Julie Rosenberg and Gavin Whitson to bring their loved ones to the feast. The other four castaways (Lauren O’Connell, Aurora McCreary, Rick Devens, and Victoria Baamoode) went back to camp grumpy.

The tribe was pretty clear and open that they would be voting out Rick at Tribal Council and he knew that he was at risk of becoming the person who was voted off Survivor next. Rick then pulled out the stops on finding the Hidden Immunity Idol and he was successful in that quest. It meant he could save himself at Tribal Council if he decided to play the power.

Survivor recap: Who was voted off Survivor last night?

Fearing that Rick might have an Idol, Ron started to hatch a plan to make sure that someone else received votes in case Rick found safety. He didn’t take into account that someone else might also work on that strategy.

Aurora figured out that Rick was going to vote for her and she decided that it would be too risky to just let the votes play out. She worked it out to have two people vote for Ron, meaning he would be in danger.

At Tribal Council, four people voted for Rick, but he played the Immunity Idol, securing safety for the night. Aurora received one vote, but with two votes, it was Ron Clark who was voted off Survivor last night. He never saw it coming, so this was a big blindside for Season 38.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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