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Who was the band on NCIS: New Orleans last night?



Revivalists In Concert
The Revivalists in concert during a Philadelphia show. Pic credit: Mojo Music Philly/YouTube

On the new episode of NCIS: New Orleans last night, another musical group got to perform on the show. This time, it was The Revivalists, who played themselves in an opening segment for Season 6, Episode 8.

The episode was called The Order of the Mongoose and it involved Sebastian (played by Rob Kerkovich) being part of the security detail for a dignitary’s son. Sebastian seemed out of his element and he definitely was, early on.

As The Revivalists were playing on stage, an alarm went off, causing everyone to begin evacuating. Sebastian allowed another bodyguard to escort his charge out while he took a quick look around. But when he got outside, the bodyguard was there without the person they were assigned to protect.

Who was the band on NCIS: New Orleans last night?

Music is a big part of New Orleans and NCIS: NOLA often has musical acts playing themselves on the show. It brings an added charm to specific episodes and also helps add to the realism that the program is trying to display.

On Tuesday night, the group started out by performing You And I, from their album called Take Good Care. The official video for that song is shared below.

The band would shift to another song by the end of the opening segment of Season 6, Episode 8, and they were on stage when the alarm went off at the concert venue.

According to their website, The Revivalists are a seven-piece band hailing from Lousiana that has been putting together music since 2007. The American rock band has a distinctive style and they were definitely fun to watch during this episode of NCIS: New Orleans.

Moving forward on Season 6 of the show, the next episode is going to be a big one. We have some spoilers for the episode that will take place next Tuesday, but we will tread lightly, as CBS didn’t reveal much during the end-of-episode preview last night.

For readers who want to jump ahead to learn the surprise, here is a quick breakdown of what will happen during the second-to-last episode of the fall for the show.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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