Who was sent home on Dancing With The Stars? Did Joe Amabile survive again after three weeks of low scores?

Joe Amabile on DWTS
Was Joe Amabile sent home on Dancing With The Stars? Pic credit: ABC

For weeks, Joe Amabile has managed to squeeze his way through the competition. With the lowest scores every week, pulling in 5s from the judges, Joe has not been in the bottom.

This week during Disney night, Amabile and Jenna danced to the upcoming Ralph movie called Ralph Breaks the Internet, which comes out on November 21.

But when it came time to announce who was eliminated during Disney night, Joe Amabile and Jenna managed to pull through once again. They were not at the bottom. Alexis Ren and DeMarcus Ware were the two celebrities in the bottom. But to everyone’s surprise, Tom and Erin revealed that no one was going home this week due to it being Disney night.

However, the scores from this week will play a role next week, meaning the couples in the bottom should still be nervous about the outcome. Alexis Ren and Alan danced to Pocahontas, and during the episode, their personal relationship was called into question. They managed to get 29/30.

DeMarcus Ware and Lindsay also performed great, dancing a Charleston to Hercules. The couple earned 26/30 and they probably didn’t expect to be in the bottom two.

It seems that people are questioning how Joe Amabile can continue to move on in the competition, but it seems that his supporters are voting for him. While the judges continue to give him lower scores, his fans are voting him through. This week, the judge noticed that he had improved, giving him 17/30 instead of his past 15/30 scores.

While many people are not digging the fact that Joe Amabile is continuing in the competition because he doesn’t have much rhythm, the voting structure is proving to be more of a popularity contest than a talent contest. And for Bachelor Nation, that appears to be just fine.

Dancing With The Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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