Who was nominated on Big Brother 21? New HOH hosts ceremony

BB21 Memory Wall After Kat Eviction
The Big Brother 21 Memory Wall looks a little different after Kat eviction. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The answer to who was nominated on Big Brother 21 this week has been revealed on the CBS live feeds. The new Head of Household held the Nomination Ceremony on Friday and let the rest of the BB21 cast know what is going on.

At the Eviction Ceremony on Thursday night, it was Kathryn Dunn who was sent to the jury house. She was evicted on a 6-1 vote, with only Jessica Milagros voting to keep her around. Kat then gave an extended interview to host Julie Chen Moonves.

The remaining houseguests went to the backyard to play in an Endurance Challenge, with the HOH Room on the line. With the BB21 cast split in half, this was an important one to win. Jackson Michie took the power, as he completely dominated the competition.

In the hours since becoming the new HOH, Jackson has courted several different ideas for the Nomination Ceremony. One included having Christie Murphy up against Cliff Hogg and another had Christie up against Analyse Talavera.

Big Brother 21 spoilers: Who got nominated this week?

The Nomination Ceremony was just held and the fallout is already taking place on the live feeds. Jackson Michie decided to nominate Christie Murphy and Sis for eviction. His primary target is Christie, but should she find a way to secure the Power of Veto, Jackson has no problem putting up Tommy Bracco in her place.

The nominees will get to battle in the Veto Competition on Saturday, knowing that they really need to secure the POV to guarantee their individual safety. There is going to be a lot of planning from both sides to figure out the angles and who they want to win to secure the desired results.

Now that the revelation of the nominations has been made, it’s a waiting game until the POV is awarded. There is a chance that a lot of drama could consume the house, especially if Christie decides that she is not going down without a fight. That could lead to some very interesting revelations on the live feeds over the weekend.

Big Brother CBS episodes air each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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