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Who was Kyle Abbott’s mother on The Young and the Restless? Is there a paternity shocker in the works?

Maura West as Kyle's mom Diane Jenkins on The Young and the Restless
Maura West as Kyle’s mom Diane Jenkins on The Young and the Restless

Kyle Abbott has been back on The Young and the Restless for a hot minute, ok more like a month, but already he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Michael Mealor has come on like gangbusters as a young man on a mission, but scandalous speculation reveals that there could be a lot more to his shocking story than merely wanting to usurp his businessman dad.

Fans know that Jack’s (Peter Bergman) son has made a deal with the devil, one Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). In an ill-advised alliance, Kyle believes he will gain everything, including the family business Jabot, by throwing in with The Mustache.

But fans are now speculating wildly online that May sweeps month holds even more incredible, some would say sacrilege news regarding Kyle!

The current front burner Y&R plot has Jack’s paternity in question, jeopardizing his control of Jabot. Well, his mom Dina (Marla Adams) did sleep with the entire country club back in the day!

But now the winds of speculation have shifted and fans are fanning the flames of an incredible rumor that the real paternity shocker has nothing to do with Jack. Could Kyle really be Victor’s son? You bet he could!

Who was Kyle’s mother on The Young and the Restless?

Kyle’s mom was Diane Jenkins (played by Alex Donnelly, Susan Walters and then Maura West), last seen on air in 2011. The poor lady was killed by Victor’s long suffering wife Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott).

Hmmm, we smell a deliciously juicy soap opera storyline forming! IF Kyle is Victor’s son, did Nikki know and kill Diane out of vengeance?

Back when, Diane was involved with both Victor and Jack, and Kyle’s birth was surrounded by a huge controversy. Wait for it: switched sperm samples!

Yes, that classic soap opera staple of questionable paternity tests/switched samples may be about to rear its wow-factor head on Y&R as viewers, and Jack, could be in for a bombshell revelation.

If true, this would explain Kyle’s underhanded behavior toward Jack. Has Victor known all along that Kyle is his son, and just recently told Kyle?

All of this conjecture is speculation at this point, but it is sweeps month, and this angle could be the storyline that puts Y&R at the top of the rating heap!

Kyle Abbott on Y&R is Mealor’s first daytime role, and the actor has starred in the primetime offerings Chasing Life and Supergirl.

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The Young and the Restless airs weekdays during the day on CBS and in the evening on PopTV.

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