Who shot Ghost? Power Season 6 midseason finale ends with a bang and the biggest cliffhanger yet

Imari Hardwick as James St. Patrick aka Ghost on Season 6 of Power
With everyone out to get him, it’s hard to say who shot Ghost. Pic credit: Starz

The Season 6 midseason finale of Power left viewers with a huge question. Literally, they even hashtagged it for us. As James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) does the absolute most to go straight, he’s left a line of enemies, and each one has an excellent reason for wanting him dead.

Now, we’re left with a shocking cliffhanger that will leave Power viewers with so many questions that will only begin to be answered when the series returns on January 5 to finish off the final season of the show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Season 6 midseason finale of Power titled No One Can Stop Me

Everything is working out perfectly for James St. Patrick

Since Power started, James has been trying to go straight, leaving his drug kingpin days behind him. There have been a lot of obstacles and murders, along the way, though, and no matter how hard he tries, James can’t shake his past as Ghost and move forward with plans to live his life on the right side of the law.

As the Season 6 midseason finale begins, James comes face to face with many of the people who have put up roadblocks on his quest to turn his life around, and as he encounters each one, James makes sure to tell them that they cannot stop him, nothing can.

That is the first clue that the end is near as there is plenty that can stop St. Patrick from becoming Lieutenant Governor or from being alive at all. As the episode played out, it looked like it would be a trip to prison for the murder of Terry Silver. However, when that quickly got shut down, mostly due to the presence of Cooper Saxe, who has become so obsessed with taking down Ghost that he ends up meddling with the case and blowing everything up.

James St. Patrick is seeing ghosts

Seeing Angela’s ghost is nothing new for James in Season 6 of Power. St. Patrick has been trying to come to terms with her death literally since it happened.

But now he’s seeing his daughter Raina, who was killed in Season 4. Even though Ray Ray pulled the trigger, her death falls squarely on Tariq’s shoulders. If he hadn’t told Raina who Ray Ray was, she would still be alive.

Except that Raina reminds her dad that, even though Tariq swore her to secrecy, she’s the one who chose to keep the secret. Raina is also the one who decided to confront Ray Ray instead of getting out of the way.

James also ran into Kanan’s ghost, and it seems he’s confronting those whose deaths he is still conflicted about. When Kanan spoke, he let James know that he was a criminal too — they both were. And that nothing James every did would change that fact.

Everybody is out to get him now

As the Power Season 6 midseason finale wound down, the intensity was turned way up as it seemed everybody wanted to see Ghost dead. Even James St. Patrick, though in a much more symbolic way than anyone else.

But as many of St. Patrick’s foes armed themselves and headed in his direction, it was clear that the major cliffhanger that will keep Power viewers in suspense, likely for the next few months, is who shot Ghost?

The major suspects are those shown preparing themselves for a showdown. In the final moments of the episode, Saxe, Dre, Angela’s sister Paz, Councilman Tate, Blanca the detective, Tariq, Tommy, Tasha (in that order) were all seen on the move. Every single one of them has a great reason to want James either dead or behind bars.

A Power twist to go with that cliffhanger?

And while any of those people could have shot Ghost, there are even more clues in the Season 6 midseason finale to suggest that none of them is the actual culprit. Could it be someone else altogether that is behind the likely death of James St. Patrick just as his political career and a major turnaround are set to begin?

Someone has been keeping tabs on James from behind the wheel of a Lincoln Mark VIII, and their identity hasn’t been revealed yet. It’s possible that this mystery person is responsible for shooting Ghost. At this point, it looks like the shooter is whoever managed to get to him first.

Who is following Ghost
Someone is keeping tabs on Ghost and their identity isn’t known yet. Pic credit: Starz

Power Season 6 will continue on Sunday, January 5 at 8/7c on Starz. 

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