Who returned to Ozark in Season 4 Part 2?

Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde and Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde in Ozark
One of Marty Byrde’s first business partners made a return for the series finale. Pic credit: Netflix/YouTube

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Ozark Season 4 Part 2.

From the very first episode of Ozark, fans learned quickly that many characters won’t make it to see the end of the series. Many characters die and/or leave throughout the show, but the writers don’t leave any stone unturned as no character leaves for long without some sort of explanation.

As the show progressed, new characters came and old characters went, but some old characters came back for the last half of Season 4.

One of Marty’s first business partners makes her return to the Ozarks to finish the series out as Rachel comes back to town, but she doesn’t come back for the Blue Cat this time around.

Rachel returns to Ozark

In Episode 11 of Season 4, viewers watched Ruth as she boarded a plane and flew to a sunny spot with plenty of palm trees. She enters a home decor shop and approaches the counter where a picky woman is trying to choose a color for curtains in her house.

Ruth makes her vulgar introduction and fans finally realize who’s behind the counter all this time– Rachel. Rachel was last seen in Season 2 after FBI Agent Petty was using her to try to catch Marty laundering money.

Rachel has a history of drug addiction and Agent Petty used that, frequently offering her drugs to make her more relaxed and to bribe her into working for him. Eventually, the details all came out to Marty and Rachel went away to go to rehab, not making an appearance for Season 3 of the first part of Season 4.

What is Rachel doing in Ozark Season 4?

Ruth approaches Rachel with a business offer and before long, the two women are back in the Ozarks. Rachel tells Marty that she moved to South Miami and opened her own diner down there, but later admits she had to file bankruptcy for the business.

Rachel checks in with Tuck only to learn that he’s no longer working at the Blue Cat because the new managers stopped putting him on the schedule, so he stopped coming in and wasn’t able to find another job. Rachel is furious with Marty for not keeping his promise to look after Tuck.

However, Rachel didn’t come back with Ruth just to reminisce about old times.

Ruth requested that Rachel come back to the Ozarks so they could start running the casino and take it out from under Marty and Wendy. Rachel is hesitant at first, but after talking to Ruth, decides to stick around and help Ruth.

It was with Rachel’s help that Ruth realized that Darlene’s stake in the casino was up for grabs, so the two women met with a lawyer who informed them that since Ruth had been Wyatt’s legal guardian before his marriage to Darlene, she was his direct heir. Ruth inherited Darlene’s share and had her record removed so that she could have her name on the casino, much to Marty’s displeasure.

The business deal offered Rachel a permanent position in the Ozarks as the manager of the casino, a role that she quickly fell back into.

Ozark is now streaming on Netflix.

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