Who plays Young Ducky on NCIS cast flashback episode?

Young Ducky NCIS
The character of Young Ducky will be featured on NCIS Season 18, Episode 2. Pic credit: CBS

Young Ducky returns for the new episode of NCIS and actor Adam Campbell is back to play the part for a fourth time on the show.

Have you ever wondered when Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard met NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs? Well, that question is about to be answered.

To celebrate the 400th episode of the show, the writers are going to take viewers to another story in the past.

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This special episode featuring Young Ducky and Young Gibbs should not be confused with the season premiere, even though there were some viewers who were left scratching their heads as the credits rolled last week.

Instead, the November 24 episode will take the characters even deeper into the past, with a flashback episode that will show the day that Young Ducky and Young Gibbs first met one another.

It’s going to be an interesting character study, especially because of the actor who is playing Young Gibbs during this memorable episode.

But let’s get back to Young Ducky for a moment.

Who plays Young Ducky on NCIS cast?

Adam Campbell is an experienced actor who is known for playing Logan Beekman on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Greg Walsh on Great news, and Cal Vandeusen on Harper’s Island.

He has also appeared in smaller roles in the films Epic Movie, The Five-Year Engagement, and Wolves at the Door.

But when it comes to the world of NCIS, fans of the show may quickly recognize Campbell as someone who has played the younger version of Dr. Mallard three times in the past.

The bonus is that Campbell will appear in the same episode that David McCallum returns to NCIS.

In three different years, Campbell appeared in NCIS episodes as Young Ducky. His episodes were So It Goes (2014), Spinning Wheel (2015), and The Ties That Bind (2016). Now, he will add 2020 to that list with an appearance in Everything Starts Somewhere.

It is certainly a testament to how well Campbell represents Ducky on the show because the writers and producers keep bringing him back. Now, though, he might have the most interesting storyline he has ever had as a member of the NCIS cast.

The clip below showcases the last episode that Campbell appeared in. This was during NCIS Season 14.

Ducky and Angus Conversation

More NCIS news

Some sad news was revealed in recent NCIS spoilers, as one of the primary cast members is leaving the show. It won’t take place during Episode 400, but it is coming up very soon.

In additional sad news, the latest episode of NCIS: Los Angeles used a title card to pay tribute to the death of someone who had worked on the show.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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