Who plays the minister on Last Man Standing?

Bill Engvall as Reverend Paul on Last Man Standing on FOX.
Reverend Paul is back on Last Man Standing. Pic credit: FOX

Last Man Standing made a huge comeback last fall after being canceled by ABC. FOX picked up the show for Season 7 after an 18-month break between seasons. While some of the cast had to be changed, Reverend Paul (Bill Engvall) was able to return without issue.

When Reverend Paul wants Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) to teach Sunday school, things get a little crazy on Last Man Standing. Despite all of the changes, seeing Bill Engvall and Tim Allen back together on the small screen is something fans enjoy.

Who is Bill Engvall?

Known for his comedy, Bill Engvall has a television career that spans more than three decades. From bit roles to having his own show, this funny man has made his mark on America. He is likely best known for his Blue Collar Comedy tours and Blue Collar TV show.

Bill Engvall often goes hand in hand with Jeff Foxworthy, especially when it comes to being funny and his television career. He appeared on The Jeff Foxworthy Show prior to being given his own show 10 years later.

How many episodes of Last Man Standing is Bill Engvall in?

Debuting in 2016 as Reverend Paul, Bill Engvall has appeared in a few episodes of Last Man Standing. When he was initially added as a guest star, it was for three episodes. With the revival, he has already appeared twice.

Nancy Travis plays Mike Baxter’s wife, Vanessa. She also played Bill Engvall’s wife on The Bill Engvall Show, so the two have worked together in the past. Even though he is only listed as a notable guest star, the Last Man Standing episodes that he appears in are talked about a lot.

Last Man Standing airs Friday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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