Who plays new character Virgil on The Walking Dead cast?

Virgil On TWD
Kevin Carroll as Virgil on The Walking Dead Season 10. Pic credit: Gene Page/AMC

Fans of The Walking Dead are going to learn a bit about Virgil during a new episode of the show. While part of the group of main characters travels to Oceanside during the midseason finale, they get a chance to meet Virgil.

Virgil is going to pop up during the episode called The World Before, making a pretty immediate impact by saving Luke from some walkers. It could cause some viewers to try to figure out where Virgil came from.

Within the show, we haven’t seen Virgil before this point. He is a plot device for the writers of the show and it could indeed play directly into Michonne leaving the show. For fans who haven’t heard the news yet, the actress who plays Michonne, Danai Gurira, is leaving during Season 10 of TWD.

The exit of Michonne will take place just before the return of a very familiar character from the past.

Who plays Virgil on The Walking Dead cast?

Virgil is played by actor Kevin Carroll and will first appear during Season 10, Episode 8 of TWD. He hasn’t been given a lot of backstory on the show, but part of it could come during the midseason finale.

Kevin Caroll has appeared on a lot of television shows during singular episodes. He showed up on Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order, Third Watch, and ER before taking on a starring role on HBO’s The Leftovers.

Carroll played the intriguing character of John Murphy on The Leftovers, following that up with roles as Dr. Alan Wilson on Sacred Lies and Alton Saint on Snowfall. He is also filming a new show called Madam C.J. Walker, where he will play Ransom when it comes out in 2020.

Some eagle-eyed fans of The Walking Dead have suggested that the character of Virgil mirrors that of Pete from the TWD comics. From that view, there is some source material that could get explored later, as Pete is a character within the comics during the war with the Whisperers.

Only time will tell if this is out things will play out.

Kevin Caroll as Virgil will be seen for the first time during the Season 10 fall finale, scheduled to appear on AMC for the first time on Sunday, November 24.

He will encounter Luke (Dan Fogler) and interact with Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming)

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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