Who plays Icepick on Magnum P.I. cast? Guest star Corbin Bernsen is on new episode

Corbin Bernsen as Icepick on the Magnum P.I. cast
Corbin Bernsen as Icepick on the Magnum P.I. cast. Pic credit: CBS

Magnum P.I. is back with a brand new episode and with it will be a couple of special guests. In the episode titled Bad Day To Be A Hero, Magnum has to help Rick’s crush but he’ll also come face to face with Icepick, whose familiar face just might have you wanting to know more.

Actor Corbin Bernsen plays the character of Icepick on the Magnum P.I. cast. He joins the CBS show for an all-new episode on Monday night.

CBS states that Corbin Bernsen guest stars as Icepick, an incarcerated father-type presence in Rick’s life. Rick (played by Zachary Knighton) is one of Magnum’s friends on the show, who typically ends up helping on his cases.

A sneak peek of the episode has been released by CBS (shown below), which shows how Icepick is going to make his debut during the new episode. It’s definitely a dramatic entrance for the character, quickly providing some of the backstories for Rick that has been kept under wraps until now.

Who plays Icepick on Magnum P.I. cast?

Actor Corbin Bernsen takes on the role of Icepick for the new episode. Bernsen has been acting for a long time and he has an extensive list of credits on his IMDb page. It goes all the way back to 1967 when he played a boy at a playground on Clambake.

Many people will remember Bernsen as Roger Dorn from the movie Major League. He played a wealthy veteran on the team who no longer wanted to get in front of ground balls at third base. He would return for the sequel of the film a few years later as well.

During his acting career, Bernsen has made stops on the casts of General Hospital, JAG, Third Watch, The Young and the Restless, and NYPD Blue. His most notable recent role was that of Henry Spencer during the run of the USA show Psych (main character’s father).

In addition to Corbin Bernsen, actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler is guest-starring on the new episode. They will be joined by regular Magnum P.I. cast members Jay Hernandez (Thomas Magnum), Perdita Weeks (Juliet Higgins), Zachary Knighton (Rick), Stephen Hill (TC), Tim Kany (Detective Katsumoto), and Amy Hill (Kumu).

Magnum P.I. airs Monday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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