Who plays Gallo on Chicago Fire cast? New firefighter is Alberto Rosende

Blake Gallo Chicago Fire
Actor Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo during Season 8, Episode 6 of Chicago Fire. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

The death of Otis led to Gallo joining Chicago Fire. The new firefighter is played by Alberto Rosende, who has also brought a lot of youth and excitement to the show over his first few episodes.

The new firefighter is named Blake Gallo and he has already made several big saves for Firehouse 51. That includes scaling the side of a building without a rope to get to someone that was stuck and an amusement park act of heroism.

Gallo’s problem, though, is that he is willing to put himself in dangerous situations, which isn’t always the best move for a firefighter that is new to the job.

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That became quite obvious when he lept before he looked during the new Chicago Fire episode called “What Went Wrong.” It’s a good thing that he has some exemplary firefighters in Casey and Severide looking out for him on each call.

Who plays Gallo on Chicago Fire cast?

It’s young actor Alberto Rosende who plays Gallo on the Chicago Fire cast. He joined the show after Yuri Sardarov left during the Season 8 premiere. Killing off Otis (played by Sardarov) was a move that a lot of fans were upset about, but Gallo has been able to fill in quite well on the team.

As for Rosende, he hasn’t been acting very long, but he made a name for himself as a member of the Shadowhunters cast. On that show, he played the role of Simon Lewis, appearing in all 55 episodes before it came to an end in May.

That left him open to joining a new show, and the producers at One Chicago came calling.

The addition of Blake Gallo to the Chicago Fire cast has been a good one, even if it did mean that he was replacing Otis. That’s what happens on shows like this one, as cast members have to come and go in order to keep things fresh.

Bringing on another firefighter who has youth on his side will help keep the show going for many more seasons.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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