Who plays Elizabeth on The Walking Dead: World Beyond?

Julia Ormond TWD
Julia Ormond as Elizabeth on The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1. Pic credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC

A new show called The Walking Dead: World Beyond is coming to AMC this spring. One of the main characters goes by the name of Elizabeth and she just made an appearance in a brand new trailer for the show.

The character of Elizabeth is shrouded in mystery, much like everything else surrounding the new spin-off of AMC’s widely successful, The Walking Dead. More information about her will likely be released a bit later.

From the new trailer that came out on Sunday night, it appears quite clear that she is ready to use violence to accomplish her goals. Her appearance also gives off the aura that she is not going to take any backtalk either.

Who plays Elizabeth on The Walking Dead: World Beyond?

Actress Julia Ormond is stepping back into the light with this new role. She is much more famous for her roles from the 1990s, despite still continuing to act over the years.

In 1994, Ormond really came into her own as Susannah in Legends of the Fall. The film starred Brad Pitt, Aidan Quinn, and Anthony Hopkins, but Ormond really stole some scenes.

Ormond would then act as Guinevere in the Sean Connery-Richard Gere film, First Knight. In that same year, she appeared opposite Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear in Sabrina (as Sabrina Fairchild).

During recent years, Ormond has had starring roles in Law & Order: Criminal Intent as Paula Gyson, on Mad Men as Marie Calvet, and on Witches of East End as Joanna Beauchamp. Now, she is taking the TWD universe by storm.

The premise of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, is that it deals with the first generation of kids that have grown up in this post-apocalyptic world.

They have known nothing but walkers and what is left of the country. It will breathe new life into the TWD franchise and it is going to be an exciting endeavor for AMC.

An exact release date for the first episode hasn’t been revealed, which gives the network a lot of time to continue teasing fans with information on what will take place on TWD3.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond will debut on AMC in spring 2020.

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