Who plays Dr. Strauss on Chicago Med? The Ghosts of the Past sees new doctor appear

Chicago Med Cast Ep17
Chicago Med celebrated Episode 100 with The Ghosts of the Past. Pic credit: NBC

The Chicago Med cast introduced Dr. Strauss on Wednesday night for the 100th episode of the show.

The familiar face to television was recently seen on NCIS: Los Angeles, but that’s not the show she is best known for appearing on.

Who plays Dr. Strauss on Chicago Med?

Actress Anna Belknap played Lindsay Monroe on CSI: NY for years and left an endearing mark on the show and its viewers.

Beginning in 2005, she made the role her own, and it is what she will likely be best known for over the rest of her career. Playing a strong female lead for 172 episodes on a popular show tends to do that.

Belknap pops up every now and then in a guest appearance, possibly because she enjoys doing it.

In addition to appearing on an episode of NCIS: L.A. in 2019, she has been seen on The Good Doctor, Transparent, Animal Kingdom, How to Get Away with Murder, and Hawaii 5-0.

Chicago Med recap: The Ghosts of the Past

Let’s jump into a quick Chicago Med recap from the episode called The Ghosts of the Past that aired on Wednesday night. That reveals how Dr. Linda Strauss plays into things.

April doubled her IVF hormones and got sick. That’s when April told Ethan she had kissed Crockett — a moment that shocked viewers earlier in Season 5.

Ethan would, of course, confront Crockett, leading to it getting physical and someone having to step between them. Later, Natalie also confronts Crockett verbally, showing she is not his friend.

We shouldn’t blow past the wedding of Maggie and Ben, either, which seems like a reward to viewers after the characters have been through so much in such a short time.

It was beautiful.

Dr. Charles got to share a lot of scenes with his daughter, Anna, who is played by up-and-coming actress Hannah Alligood (she also plays Frankie on Better Things).

Hannah also returns to the job after finishing treatment, and she does not want to be around Will. It’s both understandable and frustrating since he saved her life.

She comes around later.

Anna Belknap as Dr. Strauss

The introduction of Dr. Linda Strauss comes during a case that Natalie is working on and that Dr. Charles comes to oversee.

Dr. Strauss is convinced that the mother is hurting her child intentionally and calls it medical child abuse.

Guest appearances usually mean the surprise face is 100 percent correct or 100 percent incorrect. She is 100 correct in this instance. It is revealed that the mother is creating situations to have her daughter medically treated so that she can take of her.

Natalie and Dr. Charles end up feeling bad for the mother, though, and it appears they are covering for her as Dr. Charles says the mother is being overprotective.

Dr. Strauss gets very frustrated by this. Child Protective Services never gets brought into the situation, either.

This all opens the door for Dr. Linda Strauss to return. But will she?

Chicago Med airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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Walter Green
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