Who plays Charlie on Jane the Virgin? Haley Lu Richardson is Brett Dier’s real-life fiancee

Haley Lu Richardson
Haley Lu Richardson plays Charlie in Jane the Virgin. Pic credit: Haleyluhoo/Instagram

Actress Haley Lu Richardson plays Charlie in Season 5 of Jane the Virgin. In Episode 17, titled Chapter Ninety-Eight, which aired on Wednesday, we learn that the publishers are interested in Jane’s book but Michael never signed away his life rights and she needs his permission to get the book published.

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) wants Michael (Brett Dier) to sign the paperwork and relinquish his life rights. They meet to talk over the matter and it turns out that Michael’s fiancee Charlie (Haley Lu Richardson), who is pregnant with his child, does not want him to sign the papers.

Fans will recall that Charlie was the gruff, gun-wielding cowgirl who owned the ranch next to where Michael worked.

Charlie does not approve of Jane sharing the personal details of their lives in her book, Michael explains. Jane tries to make Michael change his mind but Michael insists that he intends to respect Charlie’s views on the matter because it’s a family decision.

But Charlie later announces that she has changed her mind and that she now wants  Michael to sign the papers. She confesses that she only wanted to find out if Michael and Jane still “had anything between” them.

Who is Haley Lu Richardson?

Haley Lu Richardson, who plays Charlie, is in fact the real-life fiancee of Brett Dier, who plays Michael in the show.

Haley Lu Richardson was born in March 7, 1995 in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the only child of her parents Valerie and Forrest Richardson. She attended a Montessori school. She learned to dance and participated in dance performances from an early age.

She moved to L.A. when she was 16. She started off as a dancer but later moved into acting. Her first leading role was Kendal in The Last Survivors (2014). She also appeared in The Young Kieslowski (2014) as Leslie Mallard.

Haley Lu Richardson is known for her roles in The Edge of Seventeen (2016), Split (2017), and Columbus (2017).

She appeared in The Edge of Seventeen (2016) as Krista, Nadine’s (Hailee Steinfeld) best friend. The friendship between Nadine and Krista is strained when Krista hooks up with Nadine’s brother Darian (Blake Jenner).

Richardson also played Claire Benoit in Split (2017), written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. She portrayed Casey in Columbus (2017).

Richardson’s other film credits include Support The Girls (2017) in which she played Maci, a waitress at a restaurant. She also appeared in Five Feet Apart (2019) as Stella opposite Riverdale star Cole Sprouse, who played Will.

Her TV roles include Tess in Ravenswood (2013-2014), Mackenzie in Awkward (2014), and Jenna in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2015).

You can find Haley Lu Richardson here on Instagram.

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