Who plays Allie Briggs on the NCIS: New Orleans cast?

Hannah On NCIS
Hannah Hodson is a new member of the NCIS: New Orleans cast. Pic credit: @hannahrosehodson/Instagram

The NCIS: New Orleans cast featured a new character when Allie Briggs appeared on the latest episode of the show.

Briggs was invited to join the new commission that Pride is heading up on behalf of the New Orleans Mayor. And, the commission didn’t start out well.

At the first meeting, Briggs was fighting hard for the people of New Orleans and was ready to take a bold stand against the establishment. She met resistance from one man who was not ready for things to change. The man stormed out and the meeting abruptly ended as other people followed him out.

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Pride later talked to the man about how good Briggs could be for the city and he was willing to give her another shot by meeting her halfway. But at the next meeting, when he asked for Briggs to weigh in, she seemed despondent and distraught and fled the meeting in tears.

A lot of fans were asking why Briggs left, especially when the commission was ready to work with her. Pride was equally surprised. We will all find out in the next episode (NCIS: New Orleans Season 7, Episode 6) why this all happened. Was she threatened? Maybe.

Who plays Allie Briggs on the NCIS: New Orleans cast?

Allie Briggs is played by actress Hannah Hodson, and she is a new addition to the NCIS: New Orleans cast. It’s possible that she could become more prevalent in future episodes, depending on how this storyline plays out.

Before coming on NCIS: New Orleans, Hodson was best known for her character on the TNT show Hawthorne. She played Camille Hawthorne and appeared in 30 episodes of the show, but that came to an end in 2011.

Other roles that Hodson has had include a recurring character on Happy! (a prostitute) and a seven-episode stint as Lorna on Happyish in 2015.


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More NCIS news

The world of NCIS has had a lot of news lately, including the confirmation that one of the stars of NCIS is leaving the show soon.

It’s almost time for the winter premiere of NCIS as well, with CBS ready to show two new episodes on the big return date.

It’s also important to note that upcoming episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans are airing at what CBS is calling a “special time” on Sunday nights.

The next two episodes of NCIS: NOLA will air at 10/9c on Sunday evenings, with the end of the NFL regular season, meaning that things may get more regular for the primetime TV schedule.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Sundays on CBS.

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