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Who killed Nick on The Ranch: Netflix series offers a surprising culprit in Season 8

Who killed Nick on The Ranch
Ashton Kutcher and Dax Shepard on The Ranch. Pic credit: Greg Gayne / Netflix

Fans of a certain age remember the Dallas cliffhanger “Who Shot J.R.,” which had the whole world talking about who shot the most dastardly man in Southfork.

Netflix presented a similar question at the end of Season 7 of The Ranch, someone shot the villainous Nick, but then the season ended. The question on fans’ minds was “who killed Nick?”

Spoilers follow for Season 8 of The Ranch.

The Ranch Season 7 cliffhanger

The seventh season of The Ranch ended with a huge cliffhanger — who killed Nick.

The season saw the deterioration of Mary (Megyn Price) who was Luke’s ex-wife and Rooster’s ex-girlfriend. She was also the ex-wife of Nick (Josh Burrow).

When her life went down the toilet, and she ended up on heroin before reconnecting with Nick, things looked bleak.

Remember, Nick was not a good person. In Season 5, he pulled a gun on Rooster (Danny Masterson) and made an ominous threat.

Needless to say, when Abby (Elisha Cuthbert) revealed that Nick was back in town, it sent Beau (Sam Elliott), Colt (Ashton Kutcher), and Luke (Dax Shepard) out to find him.

Colt still blames Nick for Rooster’s death. It was clear that the number one suspect when someone shot and killed Nick was going to be Colt.

Who Killed Nick on The Ranch?

However, when the trailer for The Ranch Season 8 premiered, it looked like it was Luke that was the trigger man. Mary reveals the police arrested Luke for killing Nick.

The trailer was misleading, which is a good thing so no one went in knowing what was going to happen.

So, who killed Nick on The Ranch?

Heather (Kelli Goss) is who pulled the trigger. Mary’s daughter said that she remembered every time that Nick hit her mother, herself, or Darlene.

Heather said that she went to the trailer to pick up her mom’s stuff so she would never have to go there again and she found the gun while she was packing.

When Nick showed up, she said he saw her with the gun and “came at me,” which is when she pulled the trigger and killed Nick in self-defense.

However, there was one more heartwrenching twist to come on the Netflix series.

Before Colt and Heather could arriver at the police station to turn themselves in, Mary beat them there. Mary took the fall and confessed to the crime.

By saying that she killed Nick on The Ranch in self-defense, Mary said it was her way to make up for being a “shi**y mother” her entire life. She said this was how she could make up for it.

The Ranch Season 8 is now streaming on Netflix.

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