Who killed Ghost or is he even dead? Could a Power twist mean that none of the obvious suspects actually shot James St. Patrick?

Paz, Dre and Sax are the top suspects when it comes to who killed Ghost
With Ghost’s death looking likely, Power viewers want to know who pulled the trigger. Pic credit: Starz

Power went out with a bang during the Season 6 midseason finale — literally. Someone shot Ghost, and now there are so many questions about who pulled the trigger and whether Ghost is really dead.

As the midseason finale neared the end, it was pretty clear that quite a few people wanted to see Ghost either dead or behind bars for a very long time, and they were all on the move.

Detective Blanca Rodriguez may have witnessed the shooting, or at least James St. Patrick’s fall from the balcony of Truth. She was seen headed toward the club with an arrest warrant, but it was likely for Cooper Saxe, not the man he ruined his career trying to take down.

Dre, Saxe, Tasha, Tommy, Tariq, and Councilman Tate were all armed and presumably headed in Ghost’s direction — and every single one of them had plenty of reasons to want him dead. But is one of them really behind Ghost’s shooting? Or was it someone else entirely?

The events leading up to Ghost’s apparent death make it look like it was either Saxe, Dre, Tasha, Tariq, Councilman Tate, Tommy, or Paz that shot him.

Wouldn’t it be something if it was none of them but if each was spotted at or near the scene of the crime? That sure would take a long time to investigate.

A Power twist?

Among the clues about who shot Ghost is a mystery person. Someone has been watching James St. Patrick, and we may have either forgotten or missed that while focused on the obvious suspects. Who is the driver of the Lincoln that saw Jamie and Ramona outside the rally where his run for Lt. Governor was announced?

The driver’s face was not shown, and their identity is anyone’s guess, but this has to be significant. It can’t be anyone that we already know about, or their face would not have been hidden. And it’s not Tommy, who was shown inside the venue as St. Patrick’s political future was announced because he drives muscle cars — that Lincoln is definitely not his style.

Who is following Ghost
Someone is keeping tabs on Ghost and their identity isn’t known yet. Pic credit: Starz

The moment takes place when James and Ramona’s budding relationship is on display, and that could be significant too.

Ramona was married to Senator Ted Powell before he got caught mixing business with pleasure — a move that ended his political aspirations and his marriage.

With St. Patrick effortlessly picking up both and heading toward the future that he thought he had, Ted Powell also has the motive to kill Jamie. Don’t be too shocked if Ghost’s shooter turns out to be someone completely different than the long list of players shown on their way to him.

Also, don’t expect to learn who shot Ghost in the Power Season 6 midseason premiere either. This whodunit will stretch out over the final five episodes, something Courtney Kemp teased before the season even started.

Power returns on Sunday, January 5 at 8/7c on Starz. 

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