Who is Winston on Love Island USA?

Big Brother alum Winston Hines is making big moves on Love Island USA
Winston Hines made quite the impression on Big Brother; can he do it again on Love Island USA? Pic Credit: CBS

Winston Hines is the newest hunk on Love Island. The guy with the American boy looks is making a move for Kyra even before he enters the villa.

Those who watched Winston on Big Brother last summer would expect nothing less from the cocky southern boy with an infectious smile. The 29-year-old knows how to work the ladies. It didn’t help save him on BB, but it could work in his favor on Love Island.

Although Winston was quick to form lasting bonds in the Big Brother house, especially with bro Brett Robinson, he was also considered a serious threat. His overly confident behavior got him evicted only three weeks into the summer.

Hopefully, he learned to dial back his cockiness since last summer. Although some of the ladies in the villa, like Caro, might find his arrogance appealing.

Winston is a Kentucky boy, whose number one priority in life is his dog, Dixie. In one of his social media messages teasing his appearance on the show, Winston said he is looking to find a mom for Dixie.

When he is not working as a sales representative, Winston is actively trying to maintain his killer body. He is all about being physically fit. The reality TV star loves to spend time in the outdoors to stay in shape.

Ladies need to be cool with his close-knit friendships. Not only does Winston live with his Big Brother bromance partner Brett but he enjoys spending quality time with his tight group of friends. Playing pool is one of his favorite hangout activities.

What are the ladies and gents of the Fiji villa in for with the arrival of Winston?

Well, one thing they can expect is a whole lot of fun. Winston is a big goofball who is not afraid of embarrassing himself. He managed to embarrass himself pretty much every time he opened his mouth in the Big Brother house.

Another thing is that Winston will go after the lady he wants, don’t let that adorable grin fool you. His smile says nice, sweet, fun-loving guy, but Winston is there to find love at all costs.

Who is excited to see Big Brother alum Winston step into the Love Island villa? Dude is already causing a ruckus by asking Kyra to go on a date, and no one has met him yet!

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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