Who is the skeleton on The Masked Singer? Is Martin Short or Tim Burton possibly behind the mask?

The skeleton continues to confuse the judges on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: FOX

The skeleton performed on The Masked Singer tonight and the performance clearly confused the audience. Before the show began, there were guesses that the skeleton could be author Stephen King or even Christopher Meloni from Law & Order.

However, once the skeleton started to speak and perform, it didn’t take long for the judges to shift their guesses in a new direction. The skeleton had fun with the other contestants on stage and had a comedic approach.

This resulted in the judges guessing that it could be Martin Short. But many other guesses could match the description, including Dana Carvey.

One of the major clues was that the person was tired of being second fiddle. Dana Carvey could be considered second fiddle to Mike Meyers in Wayne’s World and one of the clues was that he was ready to “party on.”

However, others guessed that it could be Tim Burton. While Tim Burton may not be famous for being a comedic person, he is known for creating movies that are out there. And his second fiddle clue could be his friendship with Johnny Depp. Even though he creates and directs the movie, Johnny Depp may often get the recognition for their collaborative projects.

It’s still too early in the process to know who the skeleton is. Since FOX has worked on providing tougher clues as Season 1 was easily guessed by viewers, it’s harder to guess something concrete after a single episode. The clues are so broad they could really apply to a large group of people. As the show progresses, it may become easier to narrow the clues and therefore, narrow the field of celebrities who could be hiding behind the masks.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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