Who is the rapper on the Oreo commercial? Wiz Khalifa releases a song about a cookie!

Wiz Khalifa covers his eyes with Oreos in the new commercial
Wiz Khalifa and his son Sebastian star in the new Oreo commercial. Pic credit: Oreo Cookie/YouTube

Wiz Khalifa and his son Sebastian are the stars of the new Oreo “Stay Playful” campaign.

The cookie company released a new commercial featuring the pair, and in it we can see the father-son duo as they play while Khalifa shares a new rap.

In the clip, it’s Sebastian who inspires Wiz Khalifa to get playful, mocking the rapper as he tries to conduct business on the phone.

From there, the two play human bowling, sing, dance and enjoy some Oreos as they stay playful, which is the theme of the campaign.

Mondelez, the company behind Oreo cookies, spoke out about the “Stay Playful” campaign and what the intent of the new Oreo commercial is.


“Playfulness has always been part of the Oreo brand’s DNA, and now with ‘Stay Playful,’ the brand is outwardly establishing its playful spirit as the core of all creative communications,” says a press release from the company.

“They say we’re too grown for fun? We say playful’s never done,” Khalifa raps in a song he wrote specifically for the Oreo campaign.

The 30-second Oreo commercial (as seen above) aired during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards and so far, has received a positive response.

There is also a longer version, below:


And a behind-the-scenes clip shows the making of the commercial, as well as what appears to be a tiny record player made to play songs ON a cookie.

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edna findley
edna findley
3 years ago