Who is the rapper in Ozark Season 4? What to know about Killer Mike

Killer Mike appeared in the Ozark episode The Cousin of Death. Pic credit: Killer Mike/YouTube

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Ozark Season 4 Part 2.

The Byrde family is back to finish their story, but they aren’t the only ones with unfinished business. Season 4 Episode 8, The Cousin of Death, starts exactly where Episode 7 left off– Ruth Langmore is planning to murder Javi Elizondro for the murder of her cousin, Wyatt Langmore.

The episode follows Ruth as she plans her actions before striking. Viewers see her meet up with Frank Jr. where she tells him her plan and he gives her an unmarked gun to use. Shortly thereafter, Ruth drives her truck to Chicago to wait outside of Shaw Medical for her chance to avenge Wyatt and strike Javi down.

While visiting the Windy City, Ruth is spotted in a diner drinking coffee, rap music loudly playing from her earbuds. When she goes to leave, she recognizes famous rapper Killer Mike talking with some other men and stops to tell him how much of a fan she is.

In the heartwarming moment, Ruth and Killer Mike take the opportunity to discuss Nas’s hit N.Y. State of Mind and whether or not the rapper would have ever written the song if he had a chance at something better.

Watch Killer Mike’s cameo in Ozark Season 4

When Ruth first approaches Mike, she tells him that she’s a huge fan of his music, in her own profanity-laced Ruth way. However, this could be considered one of her most respectful interactions throughout the whole series.

As they chat, he asks her what she’s listening to and she hands him her earbuds, which starts the conversation the two share about Nas and his music.

At one point Ruth asks, “You ever wonder if he’d trade that record if it meant not having to go through all that s**t?”

Mike appears to think for a moment before responding, “I mean, if you gotta ask the question….”

Who is Killer Mike?

Killer Mike is an Atlanta-based rapper known for being half of the hip-hop duo Run The Jewels. Run The Jewels formed in 2013 but he made his initial debut in 2000 on the Outkast LP, Stankonia.

He has been featured with many other artists and has five full-length albums outside of Run The Jewels or any of his other associated acts.

Mike is a social and political activist who focuses on matters such as systemic racism, police brutality, and other social injustices, which are all main themes in his music.

His strong beliefs have led to him giving lectures at different college campuses. He is known as a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders and has appeared in other films such as Idlewild and Baby Driver.

He is also the star of Netflix’s series Trigger Warning with Killer Mike, where he discusses how issues in the United States directly impact the Black community.

Ozark Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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