Who is the new guy on Love Island?

Winston Hines from Big Brother 20 joins Love Island USA
How will former Big Brother hunk Winston Hines shake up life on Love Island USA? Pic credit: CBS/Colin Young-Wolff

Love Island USA is introducing another new guy tonight, and it is someone fans likely already know.

The latest hunk to stir the already tense pot in the Fiji villa is Big Brother 20 alum Winston Hines. Viewers briefly got a glimpse of him in the preview for tonight’s episode and Big Brother fans immediately recognized that adorable grin.

Winston was one half of a bromance in the Big Brother house last summer. He and bestie Brett Robinson became targets immediately thanks to their instant connection and tight-knit bond.

Unfortunately, Winston’s time on the CBS reality show was short-lived. The two bros were placed on the block during week three, and Winston was sent packing.

Although his time in the house was short and sweet, Winston made quite the impressions on fans. His good looks and charm made the ladies love him, even if he was a little too full of himself at times.

Now that Winston found his best bud in Brett, the 29-year-old is looking to find love. The Kentucky boy wants a woman who will love his dog Dixie as much as he does. Seriously, Dixie is Winston’s whole life, so non-dog lovers will not be considered.

Based on his Instagram feed, it might be hard for him to find anyone he likes to spend time with as much as he does Dixie. Honestly, that could work in his favor. Other than seeing a guy with a baby, there is nothing more appealing than a hot guy who loves his dog.

The pharmaceutical rep also needs a lady who likes to be active. Winston is all about working out and being fit. Oh, and his future wife must be ok with his ridiculously close and kind of creepy friendship with Brett. The two guys are now roommates, and it will take one heck of a woman to split them up.

Winston is very active on social media. He even announced he was headed to the new CBS summer reality TV show via Twitter. Fans at first thought it was a joke, but now some are hoping his boy Brett will soon follow. The dynamic duo would definitely give the current men in the villa a run for their money.

Winston Hines is going to stir up trouble on Love Island USA. The villa is going to explode when he makes his entrance, especially since the couples are still reeling from Christen McAllister and Katrina Dimaranan’s arrival.

Will anyone recognize Winston from Big Brother? Will, any of the lady’s catch, his eye, and vice versa? Only time will tell.

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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