Who is the new firefighter on Chicago Fire cast? Blake Gallo brings heat

Gallo On Chicago Fire
Alberto Rosende saves the day as Blake Gallo on Season 8 of Chicago Fire. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

The Chicago Fire cast has a hot new firefighter as part of the team at Firehouse 51. When firefighter Otis Zvonecek (played by Yuri Sardarov) died on the Season 8 premiere, it meant someone new would be joining the fold.

During Season 8, Episode 2, NBC viewers got their first look at Blake Gallo, as he risked his life to help save a man that was dangling from a building. To get up to him, Gallo climbed up the side of balconies without a safety harness.

Chief Boden (played by Eamonn Walker) was not pleased with Gallo’s performance and felt that he was a daredevil who would get himself killed. Boden was very resistant to bringing him on after they had just buried Otis.

Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Severide (Taylor Kinney) worked on Boden until he caved and brought on the new kid officially at the end of that episode.

The scene shared below is why Boden was hesitant to give the kid a shot.

Who is the new firefighter on the Chicago Fire cast?

Blake Gallo is played by actor Alberto Rosende. If the early reaction from fans on social media is any indication, viewers are pleased with the new addition to the Chicago Fire cast.

Though it was a gut-punch to lose Otis and the heart and comedy that character brought to the show, Gallo is exciting in his own right.

Before joining Chicago Fire, Alberto Rosende played Simon Lewis on the Shadowhunters cast. He was a primary character on the show for a number of seasons. It was also his first significant role, showing how quickly he got a break in the industry.

Gallo also appeared on an episode of Blue Bloods and an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit before he joined Shadowhunters. Now, he will get a real shot to become a permanent fixture with the rest of the characters that call Chicago Firehouse 51 home every week.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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