Who is the Christmas tree on The Masked Singer?

Christmas Tree
Who is behind the Christmas tree mask on The Masked Singer? Pic credit: FOX

The Masked Singer premiered last night and producers introduced a big line-up of contestants. Viewers met eight of them during last night’s two-hour premiere and one of those was Tree. The Christmas tree made references to television, Christmas, dancing, and cooking.

These were broad clues and could fit several celebrities. After the episode aired, there were a lot of guesses on Twitter, including Gina Neely.

Given the cooking clue, several people thought it could be Rachel Ray. However, viewers could also argue that it wasn’t Rachel Ray, as her voice sounds nothing like Tree’s voice on The Masked Singer.


One major guess was Paula Abdul. Not only did she know how to sing, but there’s also a beauty mark on Tree’s face on the right-hand side, just above her lip. The tree is also purple and sparkly, something that Paula is often seen wearing as a color combination.

One person guessed that the Christmas tree is Ana Gasteyer, a former SNL star, and comedian. The clues with the television and Christmas could match up with her.

Another guess that came up is Candace Cameron Bure. She may best be known for her role on Full House, which could be a link to the television clue, but in recent years, she’s filmed many Christmas movies. The judges struggled to guess whether it was an older and seasoned celebrity or if she was young. It could be someone in her 30s, 40s, or 50s.

One thing is for sure — the Christmas tree is having a lot of fun on The Masked Singer and she managed to squeeze through to the next round during last night’s premiere.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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