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Who is the actor Finn Jones who plays Danny Rand in Iron Fist?

Finn Jones as Iron Fist
Finn Jones as Danny Rand in Iron Fist

Iron Fist is the latest Marvel character to make the journey from page to screen with the new series having started this month on Netflix, but who is the actor who plays Iron Fist?

Based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, the new show’s main character is an extraordinary skilled martial arts expert with some amazing powers. Missing for over a decade and presumed dead by many, Danny Rand reappears in New York City and tries to reclaim his family company. His appearance counts against him as do the vested interests currently in control of his birthright.

The power of the Iron Fist is acquired through a trial and there have been a long line of such warriors
The power of the Iron Fist is acquired through a trial and there have been a long line of such warriors

However, luckily for Rand it is not just his appearance that has changed. He has also developed his mind and body in a far off mystical city where he has acquired through trial the power of the Iron Fist, he now has duties beyond that of running a business.

British actor Finn Jones was cast in the role of Danny Rand and filming took place in New York City between April and October of 2016.

Jones was born March 24th 1988 in London, England where he attended Hayes School in Bromley and later completed three years at The Arts Education Schools where he studied acting. As he became a professional actor he also changed his name from Terry to Finn, to avoid confusion with he of Monty Python fame.

His first credited acting role was in 2009 on the more adult version of British teen drama Hollyoaks where he played the character Jamie on Hollyoaks Later.

Jones followed this up with small parts on UK police The Bill, Doctors and The Sarah Jane Adventures. All a fairly standard path for buddying actors in the UK, with small roles on established weekly dramas and soaps often leading to bigger roles in film or international TV series.

Finn in HBO's Game of Thrones
Finn in HBO’s Game of Thrones

His first forage into movies was as Teddy on Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines and with another small part in Sleeping Beauty.

However, it was his role as The Loras Tyrell in HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones that Jones’s star really started to rise. His flamboyant character was one of the most skilled knights in the land and a favourite with the ladies. Though his often preference was for men and in the religious fever engulfing one of the main cities he ended up the hostage of a religious cult.

The Knight of Flowers had an explosive end along with his father and sister
The Knight of Flowers had an explosive end along with his father and sister

His character’s will was eventually broken with him joining the cult just minutes before dying in a huge explosion along with his sister and father.

On playing Danny Rand/Iron Fist Jones says that he did a lot of preparation to get ready for the role. Training at a dojo for up to two hours a day and also perfoming a couple hours of weight training too. Though he went more for the lean fast look than that of a bulky gym rat.

Along with Iron Fist he has also been playing the same character in the TV series The Defenders, which is currently filming.

Interestingly Finn’s Game of Thrones co-star Jessica Henwick is also in Iron Fist as Colleen Wing. In Game of Thrones she plays one of the vengeance seeking sand snakes from Dorne and we expect that along with her sisters she’s still got some big parts to play in that bloody tale.

What do you think about his casting in the role? Was he the right choice to play Iron Fist?

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