Who is Tanya Scott from Little Women: Atlanta?

Tanya Scott in her promotional photo for Little Women: Atlanta. Credit: Lifetime
Tanya Scott in her promotional photo for Little Women: Atlanta. Credit: Lifetime

If you’ve been a fan of Little Women: Atlanta for a while, then Tanya Scott will be a familiar face. She showed up last season as a friend of Tiffany “Monie” Cashette.

Tanya said she didn’t hang out with many little people besides Monie and Sam, but hoped to change that during her time on Season 3.

She became a full-time cast-member after the departure of Emily Fernandez and Bri Barlup for Little Women: Dallas. But who is Tanya, and what’s her backstory?

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Tanya is a businesswoman from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and started her own company Life Body Naturals in 2015.

On their website, it says they are dedicated to “worry free, cruelty-free, chemical free products for you and your families”. They make teas, lotions, and herbal medicines, along with jewelry and smoking wands.

Tanya has two children, a little boy and girl. She is also currently pregnant again…

She told AJC.com that it was for her son’s sake (he is also a little person), that she started researching herbs and natural remedies, ultimately leading to the company.

Finding a job was hard for Tanya at first, with most desk jobs turning her away. As a result,she became an exotic dancer for a year until she became pregnant with her son.

Tanya joined Little Women: Atlanta in order to try and help normalize little people on television, for her children’s sake.

Tanya uses the name tanyatehanna on her Instagram, where you can join her big fan-base to see regular posts of her and her kids, along with things like motivational messages and pictures of her co-stars.

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