Who is Shooter from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta?

Shooter Gates looking to the side in a photo from Instagram
Shooter Gates held a rally in memory of his son on the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 7 finale — Pic credit: @goodshooter/Instagram

Rod “Shooter” Gates was featured on the Season 7 finale of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Sierra Gates’ ex-husband appeared on LHHATL for the first time in Season 6 and is quickly becoming a favorite on the show. So who is Shooter on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta?

When Sierra and Shooter Gates first appeared on LHHATL, they were still married. However, that ended quickly when Sierra’s then-assistant revealed that she had been sleeping with her boss’ husband.

It turned out that Morah Lee wasn’t the only side chick that Shooter was accused of sneaking around with. When the season began, Shooter was accused of fathering two children with two other women outside of his marriage.  (On the LHHATL Season 7 finale, he revealed that one of the children was proved not to be his. )

That was more information than Sierra could handle and she left Shooter immediately. Last summer, Sierra filed for divorce and their drama couldn’t have come at a worse time.

On August 6, Shooter Gates’ son, Rod Gates Jr., was shot and killed outside of an apartment complex in Morrow, Georgia. Two people were arrested in connection with the shooting — Marcus Smart, who is believed to have pulled the trigger, and Shantavius Willaims, who reportedly lied to police.


The terrible news was shared on the Season 7 premiere and the loss of his son was a large part of Shooter’s storyline. Part of that being the lack of support that he received from Sierra, who was still reeling from the cheating news.

While Sierra did reportedly pay for the funeral and was present for the services and at the anti-gun violence rally featured in the finale, it was Keely Hill who took shots at Sierra because she thought the Glam Shop owner should have handled things differently and been there for Shooter despite what he did to her.

Sierra and Shooter divorced amicably, agreeing on a divorce settlement rather than dragging each other to court. The two still co-parent the two children they had together, with Sierra getting to make the final decision in any disagreements that may arise.

Child support in the Sierra and Shooter Gates divorce is interesting. It turns out that she’s paying support to Shooter because Sierra makes more money.

According to Bossip, Sierra Gates is drawing a $5,000 per month salary presumably from the Glam Shop to Shooter’s $4,000 per month that he earns as a music producer. The way the law works in Georgia, that means that she pays him child support in the amount of $128 per month.


Now if you read all that and wonder how could a guy named Shooter be holding an anti-gun violence rally? Well, his name actually comes from his talent at rolling dice not from shooting guns.

Shooter Gates is active on social media, often updating his Instagram page to let fans know what he’s up to.

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