Who is Shelby Stanga’s assistant and protege on Shelby the Swamp Man? Angela Tikka is an artist

On tonight’s action-packed noisy adventure of The Return of Shelby the Swamp Man, our exclusive clip reveals Shelby gets a logging contract for dredging submerged cypress out of the swamp and he also tries to brush his dog Willy’s teeth. But fans are curious about one character who works for Shelby, Angela Tikka.

Tonight Shelby tries to brush Willy's teeth. Pic credit: History
Shelby tries to brush Willy’s teeth. Pic credit: History

Tikka is listed as an artist on Shelby’s reclaimed cypress wood website. Shelby praises her frequently on his social media too:

Tikka works with Shelby Stanga who is, by trade, a swamp logger. His fame and appeal on History Channel’s Ax Men spun out the Swamp Man series. But there’s scant information on Ms. Tikka save for her social media Facebook page and these few odd photos from Shelby Stanga himself.

What do we know?

Not a lot is known about Shelby’s assistant except that Angela Tikka lists Purdue University Global and Wishkah Valley for her education. According to her Facebook page, she lives in Stevens Point, Wisconsin and is from Wishkah, Washington. It also states she is currently in a relationship.

According to History, Angela is “Shelby’s protege. She was one of his only links to the outside world when he retreated deep into the swamp. Armed with a degree in psychotherapy that the Swamp Man encouraged her to pursue, she’s tough and an expert welder. She’s determined to learn all she can from Shelby and follow in his footsteps.”

She is listed as one of “The Artists” on Shelby Stanga’s treasures website along with Joy Taylor and Sarah Merchan.

Angela Tikka is Shelby Stanga's assistant. Pic credit: Angeles Tikka/Facebook
Angela Tikka is Shelby Stanga’s assistant. Pic credit: Angeles Tikka/Facebook

But Tikka is an artist and assistant who helps Shelby design masterpieces from their reclamation of sunken old growth cypress logs. Even on the series Swamp People, their cast talks about the hidden gold that lays beneath the surface that is more valuable than gators these days.

Tikka works on these pieces of wood so unique and filled with brilliant hues, not from stain but the minerals in the swamp soil beneath the water.

Undoubtedly, Stanga relies on Tikka and a few other key players for his business Shelby Stanga Treasures when he is not filming:

The Return of Shelby the Swamp Man airs Thursdays on History

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