Who is RZA’s brother? Wu-Tang Clan show on Hulu spotlights Mitchell Diggs aka Divine

juan elijah martinez as divine on wu tang an american saga
Actor Juan Elijah Martinez portrays Divine on Hulu’s Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Pic credit: Hulu


juan elijah martinez as divine on wu tang an american saga
Actor Juan Elijah Martinez portrays Divine on Hulu’s Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Pic credit: Hulu

Fans of the supergroup Wu-Tang Clan are learning more about their history thanks to a brand new Hulu series. The new show Wu-Tang: An American Saga made its debut on the Hulu platform on September 4.

It focuses on Bobby Diggs aka RZA, and what ultimately led to him forming the hip-hop crew. That includes a look at the man who is RZA’s brother and how he was involved with not only RZA but another member of the group.

Who is RZA’s older brother Divine?

Wu-Tang: An American Saga takes place in the 1990s during the height of the crack cocaine epidemic. In the new show’s first few episodes, viewers see that Bobby Diggs’ brother Divine is part of the story.

Divine is RZA’s older brother Mitchell Diggs. In the first few episodes, he’s involved in drug dealing along with a guy named Dennis, who ends up becoming better known as the Wu’s Ghostface Killah.

The first episode introduces us to their story with Diggs working to create music and Dennis linking up with Divine to make money to put food on the table.

Actor Juan Elijah Martinez portrays divine. He’s a relatively new actor on the scene, starting back in 2010. In addition to this role, he’s had spots on television shows including Madam Secretary and Elementary.

Martinez also works at the New York Film Academy amongst other schools to help aspiring actors.

Spoiler alert, Divine ended up serving time for his criminal actions. That led to younger brother Bobby aka RZA having to take over the operation. It created an interesting struggle that impacted Wu’s formation.

Today, Divine has moved on from being involved in crime to becoming a significant businessman, producer, and casting director. He was pivotal in terms of helping the Wu get going as he became the group’s business manager.

According to a LinkedIn page, Mitchell “Divine” Diggs has been managing Wu-Tang Clan since 1993. He was an executive producer on their debut album that went platinum, Wu-Tang: Enter the 36 Chambers. He’s been the CEO and owner of Wu Music Group LLC since 2005.

Some of his other efforts in the Wu business included launching a PlayStation game based on the group and their Wu Wear clothing line in 1995. So viewers will learn much more about how Divine played a role in shaping things with the group as the Hulu series moves forth.

In addition to RZA’s brother Divine, viewers meet other family members including mother, Linda Diggs.

RZA’s younger brother is also in hip-hop

By the way, RZA also has a younger brother named Terrance Hamlin. He’s known as hip-hop artist 9th Prince, a founding member of the group Killarmy. Back in a 2010 interview, Hamlin mentioned staying with RZA and Ghostface in the Stapleton projects after his mother moved out of state.

Killarmy is considered a sort-of spin-off group from the days of Wu-Tang. The group released their first album Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars in 1997. It reached as high as No. 34 on Billboard 200 album charts.

The group released two more albums in 1998 and 2001 with Dirty Weaponry and Fear, Love & War, respectively. Their sophomore album went to No. 40 on the charts.

9th Prince is active on his Instagram page where he posts images of himself, the group, and other hip-hop artists. See more about RZA’s older brother Divine at his official Instagram page here.

Viewers can watch Wu-Tang: An American Saga on a Hulu subscription where the first three episodes are available on-demand.

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