Who is Pria on God Friended Me?

Parminder Nagra during her stint on ER
Pria may be Falken but no one knows for sure. Pic credit: NBC

God Friended Me has been talking about the Falken mystery for weeks now. That is who the friends believe is behind the “God” account.

With everything coming to a head in last night’s winter finale, could Pria (Parminder Nagra) be the person they have been looking for?

Falken has been floating around for several episodes of God Friended Me. With the mystery behind who the famous hacker is, everyone had assumed it was a man.

Now, it looks like Miles (Brandon Michael Hall), Rakesh (Suraj Sharma), and Cara (Violett Beane) may have a huge lead standing right in front of them.

Who is Pria on God Friended Me?

At the end of God Friended Me last night, Pria was standing in the apartment where Falken’s parents were supposed to have resided.

Miles, Rakesh, and Cara were all shocked to see her standing there. She was holding something in her hands and mentioned that she needed to determine that she could trust them. What is it that she is holding back?

It isn’t clear who Pria really is, but many viewers think she is Falken. There are others who believe that she is married to him or related to him somehow, but not the actual hacker. With the apartment of his parents being so pristine, there are several ways this could all play out.

When will Pria reveal who she is?

In a few weeks, God Friended me will return and pick up right where it left off. Pria will return in the January 6, 2019, episode of the show.

Viewers are waiting anxiously for her to fill the missing piece of the puzzle, but with several episodes still left in Season 1 and no official renewal for Season 2, will God Friended Me end with what she has been hiding?

God Friended Me airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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