Who is Phil Brooks on NCIS?

Don Lake as Captain Phil Brooks during October 16 episode of NCIS
Don Lake as Captain Phil Brooks during October 16 episode of NCIS. Pic credit: CBS

Phil Brooks returned to NCIS during the October 16 episode. The character is a good friend of Gibbs, previously appearing in an episode where he was presumed dead at sea.

On Tuesday night, Navy Captain Phil Brooks was back for another NCIS episode. Actor Don Lake reprised the role, this time surprising Gibbs at a remote cabin.

Gibbs was off trying to enjoy a personal vacation when a case was dropped in his lap. Brooks and Tobias, who is another friend of Gibbs, arrived at his cabin to enjoy some time in the woods. Little did they know a case would be presenting itself.

During the episode, Brooks ends up breaking his leg in pursuit of an armed robber. He proves to be integral to the storyline, though, as it is his fishing gadget that helps track down a fugitive.

Though the relationship between Brooks and Tobias is strained at the beginning of the episode, as they are struggling to prove who is the best friend to Gibbs, they all enjoy time around a campfire to close out the hour.

Don Lake acting credits

Don Lake’s acting career has included small roles on shows like How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, and Bonnie. He was also Stu Hopps in the animated film, Zootopia, parent to the main character.

Now, it appears that Lake’s portrayal of Phil Brooks could continue on NCIS, especially with the relationship he has with Gibbs. It also provides a bit of comedy each time he is on the program, allowing the audience a break from the drama of each episode.

Much like Tobias appears every now and then to spice up an episode, it looks like the character of Phil Brooks could be doing that as well.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS. 

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