Who is Peter Merkel on The Flash? Find out more about Rag Doll

Peter Merkel Rag Doll comis
Troy James portrays Rag Doll/Peter Merkel on The Flash. Pic Credit: CW

The Flash returned from its short hiatus with a creepy villain who has an ability that is similar to the Elongated Man.

DC comic fans will be familiar with Rag Doll, who is a professional thief and contortionist from the golden age of DC comics. Merkel has the ability to stealth attack his foes with his incredible contortionist flexibility.  

Peter Merkel is introduced as the son of billionaire Theresa Merkel in The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 and is portrayed by Troy James, who is a contortionist.  

In the DC Comics, Peter Merkel is Rag Doll and was born with a condition of “triple-jointedness”. Merkel worked in a local carnival as a contortionist and financial hardship led him to a life of crime. Merkel began committing robberies while hiding his identity in a rag doll suit. 

In Episode 5 of The Flash, Merkel is the troubled kid of a billionaire, who gained his abilities after being crushed by a piece of the satellite from the explosion and absorbed the dark matter.  

Peter Merkel manages to stealth attack Barry Allen and holds him hostage to draw out Iris. He uses Barry’s meta cuffs to subdue his abilities. Iris releases Barry in epic fashion while The Elongated Man takes down Rag Doll, who didn’t seem like much of a challenge to Team Flash.  

In the next episode of The Flash, Caitlin learns more about her mysterious father and Team Flash close in on the identity of Cicada. 

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