Who is new singer Treasure on Empire? Katlynn Simone is the multi-talented actress whose new character may save the Lyons’ business

Katlynn Simone plays Treasure on Empire
Katlynn Simone plays Treasure on Empire. Pic credit: FOX

Empire started last week with the show’s fifth season and a new singer named Treasure stole the show. Treasure revealed that everyone she ever met in the industry had doubted her abilities.

But when she performed for the Lyons, a plan comes together. It’s time to revive the Lyons empire and create a new label. But who is the singer who plays Treasure on Empire?

The actress who plays Treasure is Katlynn Simone.

Katlynn has an amazing voice as shown on Empire, but she also has acting experience, making her the perfect fit for Empire. Simone was born on October 30 in 1995, making her just 23 years old. She was born in Houston, Texas and her legal name is Katlynn Simone Smith.

But Empire isn’t Simone’s first show on a major network. She worked on The Game for 17 episodes, playing Brittany Pitts, also known as Brit Brat. She also filmed The Quad in 2017-2018 and played Browyn. But other than singing and acting, Simone also has experience with directing and producing.

In 2019, the television series Starving Artist will premiere, where Katlynn Simone has worked as both a director and a producer. And based on her IMDB page, it sounds like she could also be playing a character named Danielle Carter.


Katlynn Simone is excited to join the empire family and it’s possible her role could end up defining this season of the show. Her character Treasure works as a prison social worker whose life is turned around by Cookie when she sees her potential to become a superstar.

It will be interesting to see if Katlynn’s character will take over the music industry and help rebuild the Lyons’ empire or if she will end up causing problems for the family.

Empire airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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