Who is Naa Naa on Our Wild Life? What you need to know about TLC star Janice Mercer



Naa Naa from Our Wild Life in the family kitchen
Naa Naa is the beloved nanny to Jaxon on TLC’s Our Wild Life”

TLC’s new family-friendly show Our Wild Life features a colorful cast of warm and zesty characters who run an exotic zoo from their North Carolina backyard, but Janice Mercer, aka Naa Naa, is the one who rules the roost behind the scenes.

Bobbie Jo Abrams, her husband Jerry and three kids Jaxon, Hali and Kasi have their hands full caring for alpacas, llamas, kangaroos, even a wolf hybrid named Axl Rose. But who is Naa Naa, the scene-stealer whose job it is to care for the human family of animals? Let’s find out!

Everyone calls Janice Mercer “Naa Naa” and she’s Jaxon’s nanny. The lovable lady has formed strong bonds with all of the family members, but especially with her young charge.

Naa Naa is so committed to Jaxon that she refused to leave the Abrams household even after she won a huge lottery prize of $200,000! Clearly, Naa Naa’s heart is bigger than any number of zeros on a check.

Does warm-hearted Naa Naa like animals? That depends on whether they’re roaming around the house, in which case the answer is a definite no. And she absolutely doesn’t like animals that curse!

Naa Naa is a devoutly religious lady and in one episode of Our Wild Life, she hilariously tells a cussing cockatoo to rebuke the devil when it spits out a blue streak. Stern but sweet, Naa Naa comes by her authority naturally as she used to be a school bus driver.

Naa Naa graduated from George Washington Carver High School and lives in Pinetops, North Carolina where the Abrams’ USDA-approved exotic petting zoo is located.

Prior to working for the Abrams’ family, Naa Naa worked as an assistant teacher and bus driver at her alma mater.

Want to find out more about Janice Mercer, aka Naa Naa? Be sure to tune in to Our Wild Life tonight and catch up with Naa Naa, the Abrams family, and their incredible fur family!

Our Wild Life airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TLC.

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