Who is Milo Manheim on Dancing With the Stars? Everything you need to know

Milo Manheim and Witney Carson
Milo Manheim is Witney Carson’s partner on Dancing With The Stars this season. Pic credit: ABC

Milo Manheim has just been announced as the youngest competitor on this season of Dancing With The Stars.

Since the announcement, many people on social media

Milo Manheim was born on March 6, 2001, and he’s an American actor, best known for his role as Zed, the villain in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Zombies.

Even though he’s only 17 years old, Milo may not be overwhelmed with the glitz and glamor of Dancing With The Stars. He grew up in Venice, Los Angeles and he’s the son of the actress, Camryn Manheim, who is an Emmy award winner. And while dancing may not be Milo’s forte, he does play guitar, drums, piano, and ukulele, and he dabbles in various wind instruments. Plus, he’s athletic too, enjoying volleyball, soccer, and skiing.

Milo may be famous now because of his Disney movie, but he actually started acting back when he was just six years old. He has starred in over 20 musicals. In 2009, he also starred on Ghost Whisperer, a television show on CBS he filmed with his mother. And while he may be young, he’s an award winner. He won “Best Leading Actor” in 2017 at the New York Musical Theatre Festival for his role in “Generation Me.”

One reason why Milo may be a huge hit with the younger audience is his love for Harry Potter. If he could, he would love to be a student at Hogwarts. Plus, if he wasn’t an actor, he’d love to be a chef. He has revealed that he spends more time watching Gordon Ramsey cook on YouTube than anything else. So, he acts, he cooks and he loves Harry Potter. These could be some of the themes that fans can look forward to on this season of Dancing With The Stars.

Dancing With The Stars stars next Monday night, September 24, at 8/7c on ABC.

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