Who is Marcia Gay Harden on The Morning Show? Oscar winner shows up on Apple TV Plus series cast

who is marcia gay harden on the morning show apple tv plus
Marcia Gay Harden won an Oscar for her role in Pollock. Pic credit: Oscars/YouTube

Several episodes of Apple TV Plus’ The Morning Show feature a familiar face in Marcia Gay Harden. The longtime actress has been a part of a number of different television and film projects over the years.

Now, she’s one of the ensemble cast members for the new web series.

Here’s more information about who Marcia Gay Harden is and her role on The Morning Show.

Marcia Gay Harden as TMS’ Maggie

On The Morning Show, Marcia Gay Harden appears as a recurring character named Maggie — a New York magazine reporter. She’s considered a tough journalist and one who’s known TMS star Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) for years. Her IMDb entry has Harden listed as Maggie for just a few episodes, but it’s possible she’ll be in more than a few.

In the fifth episode, Maggie sits down for an exclusive interview with TMS’ newest co-host, Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon). She attempts to get some insight into the new girl on the show and if she’s going to be able to share space with longtime show star Alex.

Later on, Maggie also sees Alex during a special event she’s hosting. During their interaction, they have an interesting standoff where Maggie is calling out Alex for seeming to know what former co-host Mitch was up to. It’s a tense scene for the drama and keeps viewers wondering if Alex will be able to maintain her cool or lose it at TMS.

It should be interesting to see what other involvement Maggie has in the plot as it unfolds for the folks on the morning news program. Will there be some sort of run-in or interaction involving Maggie and Mitch?

What other roles has Marcia Gay Harden been in?

Harden was born in La Jolla, California on August 14, 1959. She was part of the Coen brothers film, Miller’s Crossing, in 1990, which is considered her breakthrough role. That led to more work, including roles in Used People, The First Wives Club, and Flubber.

In 2000, Harden appeared in the film Pollock, where she portrayed artist Lee Krasner. That role earned her a nomination for the Best Supporting Actress award at the Oscars — which she won. In 2003, she earned another nomination for the critically-acclaimed film Mystic River but lost to Renee Zellweger.

As far as television goes, viewers may recognize her from CBS’ Code Black, where she played Dr. Leanne Rorish. Another notable role was when she portrayed lawyer Rebecca Halliday on HBO’s The Newsroom.

In terms of new roles, Marcia Gay Harden will be featured on the upcoming National Geographic TV series, Barkskins, as Mathilde. She will also appear in two upcoming films — Moxie and Pink Skies Ahead.

See more images and videos from Marcia Gay Harden on her official Instagram page.

Viewers can watch new episodes of The Morning Show on Apple TV Plus each Friday.

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