Who is Kortni Gilson on Floribama Shore?

Kortni Gilson stars on MTV’s Floribama Shore. Pic credit: @_k0nigi/Instagram

Kortni Gilson is one of the outrageous cast members of MTV’s hit, Floribama Shore.

A native to Panama City, the dancer and bartender is one of the local girls who was tapped for the show, along with fellow housemate Nila Prowant.

Kortni has a lot of insight on where to go and what to do around town — so made an ideal choice of cast member. She was initially pegged to be one of the more likable housemates, but some would say a few of the other girls outshined her.

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It was made clear during Season 1 of Floribama Shore that Kortni is close to her family. She took her housemates to meet her mom, and was seen being very excited about it. Even though Kortni wasn’t far from home, she also called her family frequently.

During the first season of Floribama Shore, Kortni Gilson also became known for, of all things, peeing in fellow housemate Candace’s bed.

She was incredibly intoxicated and believed she was actually in the bathroom. The footage was shown on the show, something she will likely never live down.

Kortni, who was only 21 when she started filming the show, worked at Coyote Ugly before joining the cast — while living with her parents.

She is a true party girl, something that has been proven over and over again by her drunken antics. Prior to being on Floribama Shore, Kortni was arrested for DUI, which she denied.

While she pled it down to reckless driving, she had her license suspended for six months and had to complete community service.

Kortni has previously compared herself to Snooki from Jersey Shore. She told Entertainment Tonight: “I see a little bit of Snooki in myself.”

As the second season of Floribama Shore got set to return to MTV, Kortni Gilson was shown in a sneak peek getting fired up about something and making it known to her housemates.

In the clip, she is seen going full force and Nilsa Prowant appears to be the intended target. It looks like there’s going to be plenty of drama on Season 2 of Floribama Shore!

Floribama Shore airs Monday night on MTV at 10/9c.

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