Who is Karen Reuter on Orange Is the New Black?

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Orange Is the New Black Season 7 cast photo. Pic credit: Netflix/YouTube

This weekend, Netflix unleashed its final season of Orange Is the New Black, ending one of the streaming service’s landmark binge-worthy television shows.

Those who have stormed through most of the season already are probably curious about that dedication at the end of the episode titled The Big House which reads, “In Loving Memory of Karen Reuter.” Well, here is everything to know about who she is and what she meant to the Orange Is the New Black team.

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Who is Karen Reuter on Orange Is The New Black?

According to IMDb, Karen Reuter (also known as Karen Reuter Fabbo) was the key makeup artist for the first three seasons of the series. After her impressive work on the series, she became the makeup department head on the show. So, any wounds that looked realistic, or any facial features like Alex Vauses’s signature eyeliner, were all due to Reuter’s contribution.

Unfortunately, on January 24, 2016, Karen Reuter passed away before the last seasons were filmed, and, apparently, the loss had a huge impact on the cast. For example, Kate Mulgrew, who plays the famous Russian known as “Red,” had this to say about her untimely death:

Beyond just Orange Is the New Black, Reuter had an extensive career that included HBO’s The Sopranos, as well as Pee Wee’s Playhouse as co-key makeup. She even contributed to films like Howard Stern’s comedic biopic Private Parts and the dance spectacle Step Up 3D.

She was also nominated for her work on Orange Is the New Black by the Artists & Hairstylists Guild for a Best Contemporary Makeup Award. Needless to say, she accomplished a lot.

Reuter also left behind an Instagram page with all of her work to be observed. It’s clear that during her time on the show she left behind a huge emotional legacy for those around her. Check out the page and see some of what Karen Reuter did for the series.

It’s fitting for a show such as this one to pay tribute to someone who helped so much with its success. Orange Is the New Black was one of the pioneers in the era of binge-watching television. And just like Karen Reuter, it will be hard to say goodbye to.

Orange Is the New Black Season 7 is now streaming on Netflix.

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