Who is Jasmine Washington, Kirk Frost’s alleged baby mama from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Kirk Frost in his promotional photo for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
Kirk Frost in his promotional photo for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

There’s a big new problem in Kirk Frost’s life — and she goes by the name of Jasmine Washington.

Former exotic dancer Jasmine claims she had an affair with Frost and that he fathered her son Kannon. He denies it, but the 27-year-old is currently suing Frost in a bid to establish paternity and get child support.

Frost is originally from New York but moved to Atlanta three years ago, where she met current boyfriend Rod Bullock.

She claims she had a relationship with Frost for about a year, and apparently told her he was going to end his marriage to wife Rasheeda Buckner-Frost.

The supposed couple reportedly broke it off in October of 2016, which is when Jasmine claims the financial trouble began.

While they were dating, Jasmine said Kirk gave her an allowance and bought her a new car.

However, the flow of money ended when they did, and he apparently took the car too.

Jasmine’s son is named Kannon Mekhi Washington was born in 2016, approximately one month before she and his possible father parted ways.

It was around the same time Kirk reportedly began to deny the baby was his.

Sources say that the father’s name was left blank intentionally on Kannon’s birth certificate.

On the legal document, Jasmine lists her current income as $0, with $4,059 in expenses and $1,456 paid to creditors every month.

Jasmine has asked Frost to pay $2,500 per month in child support.

Not much else is known about Jasmine, but if the test comes back positive, then that’ll bring Frost’s child count up to six. Only three of them are from marriages.

Kirk and a former wife have a daughter together called Cherry Nicole. Meanwhile, he has had two sons with Rasheeda — Ky and Karter Frost.

His oldest child is Kelsie Frost, who is 21 and appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in Season 5.

Joseline Hernandez has also claimed that friends in Atlanta told her Frost got a former stripper pregnant.

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH-1.

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