Who is Ian Connor? Tommie from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has a new man with a controversial past

Tommie Lee from LHHATL dating Ian Connor?
Ian Connor has been hailed as a Kanye West muse but he also carries around some controversial allegations

Tommie Lee reportedly has a new man and, as usual, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fans want to know all about him.

While partying it up in Paris, Tommie was spotted with fashion designer Ian Connor. The pair turned a lot of heads together but based on Ian’s history of rape claims, they might not be getting attention for any of the right reasons.

Many celebs headed to France for Paris Men’s Fashion Week, Tommie Lee included. While she was there, Tommie ran into Rihanna. They made headlines because Rihanna recognized the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star and shouted her out on the street.

While Rihanna is a big deal, that’s not the biggest or most shocking story to crop up since Tommie left for Paris. Instead, the story of her apparent new man is making rounds and dropping jaws everywhere.

On paper, Ian Connor seems like a huge score for Tommie in terms of boyfriends. After all, her last major romance ended when Scrapp DeLeon headed to prison to serve a sentence for drug trafficking.

Tommie Lee’s reported new man is only 23-years old and that alone is enough to get people talking. Tommie was in Paris celebrating her 34th birthday and many LHHATL fans have commented on the large age difference between Tommie and Connor but he’s got an alleged history that is much more controversial than any age difference.

Ian is a fashion designer and a Kanye West muse. The native New Yorker is proud of the fact that he was able to climb so high in the fashion industry despite never having graduated from high school and without having connections in the industry.

Ian Connor is fashion, and the industry really seems to love him. In fact, they love him so much that Ian still has a career even though he has 21 accusations of rape waged against him.

After one of Ian’s former friends stepped up and accused him of raping her, it opened the doors for a whole slew of allegations. As women started coming out with their own accusations of rape against him, the numbers of allegations started piling up.

Despite the sheer number of rape accusations against Ian Connor, he is still apparently being well-received in the fashion community.

It doesn’t look like Tommie Lee is too bothered by her new man’s alleged past either. She took to her Instagram stories to share a message soon after the Ian Connor dating rumors started to circulated and made it clear that she doesn’t “f**k with no rumors.”

Who is Ian Connor? Tommie Lee from LHHATL has a new man
Tommie Lee leaves a message on her Instagram stories

Does that mean Tommie is rejecting reports that she’s dating Ian at all? Or is the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star letting us know that she doesn’t care about the piles of rape accusations against him?

Either way, what we do know is that Tommie could probably have pretty much anyone she wanted. She even had a shot with Erica Mena.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1. 

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