Who is Heather Tallchief from Heist and where is she now? Facts left out of Netflix series

heather tallchief
Heather Tallchief, as presented on Netflix series Heist. Pic credit: Netflix/Youtube

Heist is six-part documentary series on Netflix that follows the true stories of three newsworthy heists.

Two episodes cover each story, and the first follows Heather Tallchief and Roberto Solis, who managed to steal over $3 million from an armored Loomis vehicle in Las Vegas.

The binge-worthy series combines reenactments, archival footage, and first-person narration from the person who participated in the crime.

In the first episode titled Sex, Magik, Money Murder, 21-year-old Heather Tallchief, played by Emree Franklin, not Rumer Willis, meets career criminal Roberto Solis at a San Francisco bar in 1993.

In the Netflix series Heist, Heather reveals her headspace when meeting Roberto, saying she was “very disjointed, very disconnected, very delusional.”

Heather was a certified nurse assistant, but she began using crack cocaine to cope with the job, which began her downward spiral before meeting Roberto.

After impressing Heather with his romantic gesture, the couple committed their first robbery, which netted them $30,000 and a Rolex.

Within nine months of their whirlwind romance, Roberto Solis convinced Heather to get a job as an armored car driver for Loomis, and they easily steal about $3.1 million.

Here are some interesting facts about Heather Tallchief and what Netflix may have missed out.

Heather Tallchief firearm skills

In the Netflix series, Heather explains that she only got the Loomis security job because they needed to hire a certain number of women.

She added that she had only had a driver’s license a couple of months before starting the job and didn’t know her way around Las Vegas.

Her co-workers lamented that she was a bad driver and was hired because she was “young and pretty.”

However, Netflix left out that Heather Tallchief performed very well in her firing range test achieving record scores.

According to Crime Reads, Heather’s firearm expertise was a significant factor in her promotion to driving from the house runs to cash machine runs.

Tallchief was the most wanted woman in America

Four years after the heist, Tallchief rose to 3 of the ten most wanted fugitives in America, and the high placement gave her the distinction of the most wanted woman in America.

The second episode mentions that Heather was on America’s most wanted list when a friend she met in Amsterdam researched her past.

Heather assumed the identity of Donna Marie Eaton from Manchester, England, while living in Amsterdam.

Heather is a Native American

While her second name was indicative of her heritage, Netflix does not mention Heather Tallchief is of Native American descent. Her father was Seneca Indian, while her mother was Italian American.

Where is Heather Tallchief now?

According to Heist, Heather has returned to her work in healthcare. Furthermore, the end of episode 2 revealed that an actress portrayed Heather in the first-person narration.

The real Heather Tallchief appears with her identity hidden due to Roberto Solis still being under investigation.

Heather Tallchief continues to reside in America after leaving Amsterdam to turn herself in to the authorities.

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Heist is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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2 years ago

She’s in Denver

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

word is she’s back tracking her old route. Denver and now Florida no doubt digging up and spending the loot!

2 years ago

Word is she’s backtracking her old escape route Denver and now Florida. Probably digging up and spending the loot!