Who is Georgie on The Walking Dead cast?

Jayne Atkinson as Georgie on The Walking Dead cast.
Jayne Atkinson as Georgie on The Walking Dead cast. Pic credit: AMC

Georgie is a character played by Jayne Atkinson on The Walking Dead. She has only appeared on one episode, but has been referenced in a number of them, particularly through letters to Maggie.

Back in Season 8, Georgie, Hilda, and Midge came upon the people of Hilltop. They were stopped on the road, driving a van and acting a bit suspiciously. At least that’s how the people of Hilltop viewed the situation, at first.

The episode was called “The Key,” and when Georgie arrives, she offers to trade knowledge and information for food and musical phonographic records. It shows how things have shifted a bit in the future.

Maggie has joined Georgie in The Walking Dead timeline

At the heart of the appearance of Georgie, is that she is in charge of a community that is using advanced technology. During her time at Hilltop, Georgie speaks to Maggie about it, but doesn’t go into great detail.

Fast forward to Season 9 of The Walking Dead. During the same episode that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is taken away, Lauren Cohan appears as Maggie for the final time. It is later explained that Maggie has gone off to help Georgie.

At some point, it is expected that Georgie is going to reappear on The Walking Dead. That could be made easier if the rumors about a Lauren Cohan Walking Dead spin-off turn out to be correct. It’s also possible, that Georgie was behind the disappearance of Rick.

Could Rick and Georgie show up in the same Walking Dead movies that are on the horizon at AMC? It’s possible. For fans of the show who may have forgotten about Georgie, she was only a briefly seen character, even though she could have importance later in the series.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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