Who is Eugene talking to on his radio? Is The Walking Dead coming to an end?

Who is Eugene talking to on his radio? Is The Walking Dead coming to an end?
Eugene on The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

In The Walking Dead Season 9, Eugene started talking to someone on the Hilltop radio but it was left a secret whom he reached.

Now, Eugene’s story is picking up and it might end up leading to the end of the television series — at least as far as the comic book storylines are concerned.

Who is Eugene talking to on The Walking Dead?

In last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled Bonds, Eugene was still talking to that person. However, unlike Season 9, this time he has crystal clear sound quality thanks to the Soviet satellite tech.

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So, who is Eugene talking to?

Well, the woman is still mysterious but she mentions the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in their conversation. That is a huge name drop for fans of The Walking Dead comics.

It is almost assured that the woman that Eugene is talking to on the radio is Stephanie from the comic books, and she lives in the Commonwealth.

That could mean the end is near for The Walking Dead.

What is the Commonwealth on The Walking Dead?

Once the storyline battles with The Whisperers ends in The Walking Dead comic books, the Commonwealth story begins.

Unlike every other community that the survivors have come across in their ten seasons of travels, the Commonwealth has thousands of people living there and has a sort of government set up.

This is where many of the survivors of The Walking Dead end up by the end of the comic book storyline.

In some spoilers for the comic books, Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes both play a large role in the Commonwealth storyline, but with Rick gone and Carl dead, that will have to change.

Judith could replace Carl in those stories, and Rick could still pop up there again in the upcoming movies based on his exploits.

However, the Commonwealth was the final storyline that took place in the comic books.

That means if Eugene is talking to Stephanie and they are headed to the Commonwealth in season 11, there will be nothing left to draw from for The Walking Dead television series in the future.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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