Who is Emily from Love Island USA?

Emily Salch is shaking up life on Love Island USA.
Student Emily Salch is gaining a lot of attention on Love Island USA. Pic Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/CBS

Emily Salch has rocked the Fiji villa to its core on Love Island USA. She has become one hot commodity with three different islanders wanting to couple up with her.

So, who is the woman who has caught the eye of Eric, Weston, and Kyra?

Emily is a 21-year-old student. She is currently studying political science at Binghamton University in New York. Once she finishes undergrad school, the feisty beauty plans on attending law school.

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In her bio for the CBS summer reality TV show, Emily said she wants to be a lawyer because she “never loses at anything, especially arguments.” Oh yes, she is one confident chick that is not afraid to go after what she wants regardless of the cost.

Emily on Instagram

Her Instagram feed is full of gorgeous pictures of Emily, mostly in a swimsuit and mostly with her tongue sticking out. Right now, her bio is promoting her stint on Love Island USA.

It also has an e-mail address for business inquires. What business she is referring to is not stated in her bio. Perhaps modeling, since a good portion of her pictures come across as modeling shots.

Along with not being shy about showing off her smoking hot body, Emily also loves to show her playful side on social media.

It is easy to see why she said she was looking for someone fun and adventurous when she entered the Fiji villa. Emily appears to be both of those things.

Although Emily has never been in a serious relationship with a woman before, she said she is open to it. The brunette beauty made it clear to the gals in the villa that she has kissed her fair share of females in the past. Her honesty, openness, and, of course, hotness has certainly piqued Kyra’s interest.

Tonight, fans will find out who Emily chooses to couple up with, in what is being promoted as “the most epic recoupling ever,” on Love Island USA. Will she pick Weston or Eric, or will CBS have its first-ever same-sex reality TV couple?

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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