Who is Dave on A Million Little Things and what is his connection?

Jon felt incredibly guilty over Dave's death in A Million Little Things.
Jon felt incredibly guilty over Dave’s death in A Million Little Things. Pic credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

A Million Little Things shocked viewers with the season finale. All of the theories about Jon (Ron Livingston) and Barbara Morgan were blown out of the window and the conclusion was not something anyone saw coming.

Jon experienced a case of survivor’s guilt following the death of his good friend Dave. The entire season centered around what he was hiding, and none of his current friends knew the story about his friend’s death.

How was Dave connected to Jon on A Million Little Things?

The apartment that Jon kept hidden from Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) was where his life essentially began. It was where he lived while in college, a place that held fond memories for him. Dave was his good friend during that time.

Barbara Morgan (Drea de Matteo) and Dave were together during that time. The three were close friends and when Jon invited Dave to take a trip with him, no one thought anything would happen — but it did.

How did Dave die on A Million Little Things?

While at the airport, Jon was delayed at a store when he was supposed to be getting on the plane with Dave, who had already boarded. When Dave got to the gate, the flight attendant denied him access. He was too late and had to wait for the next flight.

Moments after the plane took off, A Million Little Things viewers learned that the date was September 11, 2001. Dave was killed on one of the planes that were involved in the terrorist attack against the United States that fateful day.

Jon was still alive and his friend perished, something that weighed on him heavily for nearly two decades. Not only was his death tragic, but Barbara Morgan was pregnant with Dave’s child.

Jon wanted to make sure she was taken care of upon his death, even though their relationship didn’t end well.

The final time Barbara Morgan and Jon Dixon saw each other was when she announced she would be marrying Mitch Nelson. He was not happy about that, and the two had a heated exchange because he felt she was betraying Dave.

Now, everything has come full circle and the rest of the mystery will play out next season.

A Million Little Things returns for Season 2 in fall 2019.

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