Who is Cici Bussey on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

Cici Bussey
Cici Bussey is related to the Kardashian clan. Pic credit: @cicibussey/Instagram

Cici Bussey is a name that comes up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians every now and then, but who exactly is she?

Cici is the first cousin to the late Robert Kardashian Sr. and this is why Kris Jenner often refers to Cici as her cousin. Cici would seem to be the last family member on Robert’s side who stills stay in touch with this side of the family.

Reportedly, the nasty divorce between Kris Jenner and Robert before his death in the 1990s left a rift in the family and people took sides. Since Kris was supposedly having an affair, Robert’s family cut Kris and the children out of their lives, but Cici continued to speak to the Kris as she wanted a relationship with the kids.

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Cici doesn’t film Keeping Up With the Kardashians with her family members very often, but still sees the children on a regular basis. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of Penelope, True, and other children of the famous Kardashian kids. The Kardashian women take their time to see Cici, who has been battling cancer for nearly two decades. This summer, Kris Jenner shared a photo of them together on Instagram, revealing she needed everyone to pray for Cici as she underwent a stem cell transplant.

Cici holds a special place in Kris Jenner’s heart because of her commitment to Kris and the kids after the divorce from Robert.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on E!

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