Who is Charlie Goldsmith from The Healer?

Charlie Goldsmith from The Healer
Charlie Goldsmith from The Healer

Charlie Goldsmith is the star of TLC’s new reality show The Healer and claims to be able to heal people through energy he channel, but who is he?

Goldsmith grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and is the nephew of actress Olivia Newton-John. It was not until his 18th birthday that he realised that he a gift for healing people.

The 36-year-old claims to be able to heal through just the power of his mind and his touch, joining a growing number of alternative treatments that claim to offer something traditional medicine cannot.

Talking about his gift Charlie says that it took a lot of people around a long time to be accepting of his abilities. He says about half of his family, including his dad were pretty god about it but that the other half were a little slower.

His grandmother is a big supporter and fully believes in his powers, telling the show that her own grandmother also had the gift but not to the same extent as Charlie. She also says just how proud she is of him and all the work he is doing to help those in pain or in need of an alternative to conventional medicine.

Pumpy Jackson Chocolate
Pumpy Jackson Chocolate is one of Charlie’s businesses

Goldsmith does not charge for his services and makes his money day-t0-day through a health business called Pumpy Jackson Chocolate and the communications company call Cassette.

He’s also a friend of model Miranda Kerr and his sister Tottie Goldsmith is an actress like her aunt. Kerr has previously told the press: “What he does really works. I can’t say I understand how exactly but it’s truly incredible.”

He claims to have helped people suffering from infections, body pain, inflammation and other chronic injuries, often treating them in less than a minute.

He’s also been keen to prove his abilities scientifically and to see his powers and those of other energy healers be available via public health services and other outlets.

Unusually TLC went ahead with a full series of The Healer after a producer saw a study carried out at, but not by, the NYU Lutheran Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY.

The study followed 24 patients looking for pain relief and 8 looking for help with other issues. Of those with pain 76% saw a marked improvement during and right after the energy healing treatment, whilst 18% saw little or no result. It is not clear in the study if follow-up was done on the longer term benefits and there was no double-blind to see if what was occurring is the well known placebo effect.

Goldsmith was the energy healing practitioner who provided his services for the study and is keen to have his work subjected to the rigours of scientific study. He hopes that by working with scientists and medical professionals that his other healer’s skills will gain some credibility.

To that end he’s recently taken part in another medical research project and the results of that are due to published soon.

 The Healer airs Mondays at 10/9c on TLC.

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