Who is Blake Gallo on Chicago Fire? Character could get love interest

Blake Gallo
Blake Gallo joined the Chicago Fire cast in Season 8 in Blake Gallo, played by Alberto Rosende. Pic credit: NBC

Blake Gallo is a new character on Chicago Fire this season. Gallo took over the spot that Otis had at Firehouse 51 when the long-time character died on the season premiere.

Because of what happened to Otis, it was tough to expect Chicago Fire fans to like Gallo right away, but he proved he could hold his own with the rest of the characters.

That, and he is a really good looking firefighter.

Actor Alberto Rosende has been a great addition to the cast, showing that he can be tough or emotional, depending on what the writers need in a particular scene. Now, the second half of Season 8 is going to flesh out the character a bit more.

Chicago Fire spoilers about Blake Gallo

An interesting hint was left on social media by co-creator Derek Hass when it comes to the future of the character. It appears that a love interest may be in store for the newest hunk on the show.

That comment led to several amusing responses on social media already.

Daniel Kyri plays firefighter Darren Ritter on the show but already has a boyfriend within the writing. He is also a new guy to the firehouse and was mentioned by several fans as possibly being someone that could interest Gallo.

But these are all just fan theories.

Chicago Fire return date

The winter premiere for Chicago Fire takes place on Wednesday, January 8. It has already been advertised that Gallo will have a substory within the episode that is called Hold Our Ground.

Gallo and Casey (played by Jesse Spencer) are going to try to track down some missing equipment. It seems like a story that could either present some humor or lead to something more devious going on.

Either way that the plot takes the Chicago Fire cast, Blake Gallo is going to be an important character during the winter premiere and will be more prominent in future episodes. That’s great news, as it should allow the character to be fleshed out even more by the writers.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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