Who is Beverly Adams, mother of Eden Sassoon from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Eden Sassoon with her mum Beverly Adams. Pic: @edensassoon/Instagram

Newbie Eden Sassoon has become a big part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season.

Due to her surname everyone knows she was the daughter of famous beauty icon Vidal Sassoon.

But did you know her mum Beverly Adams was a famous movie star and author?

Beverly is a Canadian-born actress, who was born in Edmonton, Alberta, before moving to Burbank California.

As a teenager, she competed in beauty contests (and won!) before becoming an actress.

She described herself to People magazine as “a typical cheerleader with pompoms” and entered around 15-20 contests — once finishing higher than Racquel Welch.

But she wasn’t too keen on the contests, saying: “People were looking at you as if you were a horse.”

For a brief period of time, Beverly worked as a head legal secretary to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Alfred Panessa.

She attended Valley State College and started modeling, but her career took off before she finished her degree.

She first met her spouse Vidal Sassoon on the set of the British horror film Torture Garden (1967), where he styled her hair.

After marrying Sassoon, she entered a self-imposed retirement from acting in order to raise their four children, Catya, Eden, Elan and David.

During this time she published a couple books with her husband and became a spokesperson for Vidal Sassoon, Inc.

When she and Sassoon divorced in 1980 (after fourteen years), she went on to launch her own line of pet care products called “Beverly Sassoon Pet Care System.” She also returned to the acting world.

In 2002, she lost her eldest daughter Catya Sassoon  at the age of 33 when, at a New Year’s party she suffered from a fatal heart attack caused by an overdose.

One of her most recognizable roles included playing the klutzy, redheaded Cassandra in How to Stuff a Wild Bikini, and playing Lovey Kravezit in multiple Matt Helm movies featuring Dean Martin.

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